Airport City

Airport City Hack – Learn How To Cheat Coins

Airport City is a game that has been there for years now. What the best part about is that still, the people are playing this game with equal interests. The popularity of the game, the airport city, hasn’t faded yet. Talking about the genre of the game, then it is a city-building simulation game where you will have to build the entire city, accomplishing the needs of people. Previously it was only available on Facebook, but now it is possible for both the famous platforms iOS and Android.

Though the game is entirely free to play, if you want to prevent yourself from spending money on the in-app purchases, then you should use the Airport City cheats. The cheats help provide a generous amount of credits instantly.

Basic overview

In the game, your responsibility is to manage an entire airport. The particular airport is new, and that’s why it is having only one runway and a few crew members to take care of the facilities of the people. Here your responsibility is to improve the airport by expanding it and adding various necessities. For a particular purpose, you will require completing different missions in the game and managing the airport efficiently.

Now, remember one thing that the airport will also be having an adjacent support city; therefore, you need to take care of everything while laying down the buildings as well.

It was the complete storyline around which the entire game will revolve around. Now that’s we have discussed general information about the game, let’s have a look at its other elements as well.


Currencies are always an essential part of any game you play in. It can make the game a whole lot easier for you. If you want to make progress in the game and lead the player list, then you must keep in mind to collect the credits throughout the entire gameplay. However, if you are not able to do so, then you can go to the Airport City hack. The hacks are capable of providing you a good amount of currency instantly in the game.

The Airport City features a total of four currencies in the game. These currencies are:

  1. Coins
  2. Airport Cash
  3. Silver Tokens
  4. Gold Tokens

All the above-reiterated currencies play significant roles in the game. So, let’s grab a look over their use and how you can access these.

  • Coins

Coins are the primary currency in the game. The coins are required to purchase buildings in the game and to speed up the production work as well. Not only is this, but it is also used for the expansion of the early city in the game.

Source- You can earn coins easily through the residents, guest planes, flights, completing the missions and events, and from the bank as well. If you want coins instantly, then the Airport City cheats can support you here.

  • Airport Cash

Use- Airport Cash is also used for the same purposes as the coins, but in addition to that, there is another use as well. You can skip the missions with the help of airport cash, which means that you will get coins also. City expansion is also done with these.

You can get this either from the bank, special promotions or as a gift code.

  • Silver and gold tokens

These tokens are having the same purposes as to purchase more advanced buildings, high-speed planes. These tokens are also utilized for auto-collecting the contracts.

You can get the tokens from chests or top flights in the game.

That’s all about the information regarding the currencies featured in Airport City. Rests for the tips, stay tuned till the last.


  • Placement of the buildings strategically

If you want to emphasis your gameplay, then you will have to strategize each and everything that how things will go after a particular step. One of the most vital things is to place the building strategically in the game. The best method to set the premises is to construct large buildings along the edges of the lane.

  • Don’t speed up using credits

Don’t waste your credits on speeding up the things; instead, save it for other important stuff in the game.

  • Get some new neighbors

In the game, try to get the people for the buildings as soon as possible. It will make a whole difference as you will be able to earn coins easily and quickly as well.

  • Watch videos to grab some extra credits

You will find some promotional video ads in the game. Watching these ads will grant you some credits in the game.

  • The weather station is a must

Don’t forget to build the weather station as it will be the main element on which all the flights will depend.

Use these tips in the game to improve your gameplay. All in all, I would not say to rush; instead, I’ll suggest you enjoy the journey.

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